Professional Puppy Training

Have your new puppy attend a professional training school. They will learn everything from Basic commands to potty training.

Standard Puppy School Training

If you are looking to have your puppy some what potty trained, and understand the basic obedience commands, then this is for you! It will be a great start too many years of companionship. Our puppies are trained in a home setting in order to replicate where he or she will live to provide the very best results and easy transition to your home.

$3000 - 4 weeks

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Advanced Puppy School Training

To provide that next level training for you and your puppy we recommend the Advanced training. This is a 8 week training that includes the basic training for a longer period of time. It will allow us to completely solidify your puppies training along with adding additional needs that may benefit your family.

$4000 - 8 weeks

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Ask About Front Door Delivery And In-Home Training Provided By Our Professional Instructor

We provide the option that when training is complete we will deliver your new puppy to your home. Our professional trainer will personally spend time with you and your family going over all the training and commands first hand. We have had great success with this process and it really allows for the puppy's full potential to shine through. The cost of home delivery varies with travel distance.

Meet Our Training Instructor

After working with thousands of dogs and their owners and 27 plus years later, I’m still learning and growing in my art. I have now trained dozens of police service dogs, wheelchair assistance dogs and search and rescue dogs. I have developed proven programs that get dogs to consistently mind in everyday life activities.

If your desires are a great family pet, or a wonderful working dog, we have the answer for all your dog training needs. We like to say “The pawsitively perfect solution to all of your dog training needs”.

Lee Hamilton - Master Dog Trainer